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A summary of the annual membership fees for 2023 is as follows.


Club Administration Fee

$325 for the first Rider plus $225 for each subsequent rider in the family.
(Active Kids Voucher Service NSW)


$220.00 for Associates (riders 17 and under 25 years)

$220.00 for Senior Associates (riders over 25 years)

$50.00 for Non-Riding members
$100.00 for riding instructor fee (able to bring a horse to rally day).


(These fees provide facilities for members and contribute to club costs such as rent to Council)

Insurance Fees (Pony Club Association of NSW)

All Riding Members                      $80.00 each (Compulsory)

Non-Riding Members                   $40.00 each (Not compulsory)

(Volunteers are covered under PCA volunteers insurance)



1.   To be eligible to vote at General meetings of Arcadia Pony Club a person must be at least 17 years of age, be a financial member of the Club (ie. in a family which has paid the Club Administration Fee), and be financially registered with Pony Club Association of New South Wales (ie. having paid the Individual Fee as a Riding or Non-Riding Member).

2.  There is a small fee charged from the JustGo platform when signing up.
3.   Age for Membership is the age you are at the time of signing your Membership Application Form.
4.   All families are expected to assist in the canteen, setting up equipment and packing away, working bees, etc.


Arcadia Pony Club encourages all members under 17 years to also join with a Parent/Guardian as a member. This Parent/Guardian must be on the grounds at all times when the Junior members are in attendance.

How to Sign-up or Renew your Membership

Online via JustGo​

Follow the member user guide here 

If you are an existing member and don’t know your pony club ID, please email

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